Colorful Bubbles


Hello and Welcome to TPDA,


At TPDA, we hold 3 core values:


Transaction leads to Transformation 

Self-Investment is the Start

Personal Change must be Tangible


TPDA was founded to serve as a nucleus for Personal Development and the exploration of Human Potential.


I've always been fascinated by my own potential, the things I do to go after it and the things I have failed to do based on human tendency, cognitive bias and fear. After taking my fascination into academia and studying human behaviour in both a therapeutic and psychological context, I found a need to put structure the thing I deem most important... Personal Development.


When I think of Personal Development in a life, I think of a journey that is not straightforward and always changing. There are ups, downs, pivots and change based on lessons, reflections and preparation that can only be identified through hindsight. I think of this journey as one that requires immersion in life experience and assistance from those who genuinely want to help. There are blind spots that naturally occur from us being in such intimate relationships with ourselves, manoeuvring the world from our minds, biases and perspectives... and thats why I feel investment in relationships that help us see beyond ourselves and explore our potential, are of significant importance.


Life Coaching is a positive transaction. There is an understated power in asking the right questions, listening, prompting, learning but also planning what improvement looks like in your life.

To me, and TPDA, transformation is key. Not because of who you will become, but because of the exposure it gives you to becoming. It's an active way to learn how to direct/adapt your life, in line with your personal visions. 


TPDA and I are here to help you, help yourself. To encourage honest conversation. To inspire and to unlock, but most importantly to assist you in the movement from where you are to where you'd like to be.

Our Transaction, Your Transformation.