At The Personal Development Agency, we use the transactional power of the Coach - Coachee relationship, to spark self-transformation.

We understand Personal Development as a lifelong process which starts the moment you decide to take action towards positive change. We are committed to supporting our clients through every step of their personal development journey.

Working alongside a professional at TPDA can guarantee you the following:

  • An initial assessment to identify if you are ready for our Coaching services.

  • Your own dedicated Coach/Personal Development Professional.

  • Tailored goal articulation, measurement and goal setting.

  • Tailor made intervention plans, to monitor and measure your goals and progress made towards achieving them.


Go to our Life Coaching Services page and select your service.


Complete our Initial Assessment.


Your assessment will be reviewed within 48 hours and the outcome communicated to you via email. If you are suitable for coaching, this will include a coaching agreement & payment link.


You will be allocated and introduced to a Coach based on your goals. You will both arrange for your first session via your preferred contact method.


Begin on your journey to personal transformation!

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