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Here we go again... Yet another motivational source 🙄. Another 'you become what you believe' motion to try and get you to live your life differently, but won't tell you how. A bit of word play here and there to make you think about things differently, only to create thought change that lasts a couple of hours, maybe even minutes. Suddenly you're 'inspired to acquire the life you desire?'

Oh no.

This is MUCH more than that.

Admodum Personal Development is not here to tell you to 'make a change today' and leave you to it. We want to make it with you.

We are human beings aiming to live our best life by working with other human beings aiming to live their best life. We want to develop you into to the best version of yourself by enlightening you to means of empowering yourself. We know you are different, but we also know that in our differences lie some similarities which means, we can relate.

APD makes supporting you whatever you need it to be. We are dedicated to personal development on a well rounded level. Whatever it is you want to work on, from careers to managing your emotions to leading effectively, we are here for it. Alongside the blog which is there to actively inspire and motivate.

We use a unique blend of coaching and consulting 'Consoaching' to give you the support you need to move from Point A to Point B in your life. If you want support over a set number of hours per month - we've got that. If you want a one-off Consoaching session - we've got that too. If that CV needs checking - we're here. Or you simply need someone to talk to? We're here for talking too, but let's also create solutions.

'Adulting' can be hard. Life can be harder. But we can make it easier. Together. By curating and executing practical small steps.

What makes us unique? APD Consoachants are colourful. We've gone through dark experiences, and come out of them. We've studied human behaviour (with the certificates to show it) and we've bagged the knowledge. And we want to use it as best we can.

Building skills, building confidence, building you, with your existing bricks, and exposing you to some new ones.

The best kind of investment you can make is in yourself.

Do it right. Be The Best You.


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