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15 Life Considerations

Nobody can really tell you how to live your life, but there are definitely some universal things we could all consider. From our founder Mariam, here are 15 considerations she feels we ought to think about.

1. God.

If you do believe in God, then place him at the forefront of everything that you do with faith that he will lead you in the right direction; so far he is at the crux of everything you do, things will always work out. Even the adversities we face are often his way of preparing us for the very things we pray for.

- If you don't believe in God, then at least in the functioning of the world, which goes round based on unity, support and help - even if that's manipulated for self-gain.

2. Imperfections.

Never allow anyone make you feel bad for being imperfect. Your imperfections are your uniqueness. The slightest dent in your fingerprint is what makes your touch different from your peers. NEVER let anyone think yourself a 'damaged' product for living the life you've lived. Accepting yourself entirely not only takes away the power anyone may potentially have to make you feel bad, but also opens you to changes in favour of your greatest self.

3. Love.

If you're going to love, do it properly. Romantic love laced with projections of wounds unhealed should remain a friendship until you trust that person enough to give them your all. Love comes with vulnerability, running away from this is self-deceit. Though this openness is incredibly scary, it also holds the moments in which we feel most alive.

4. Ownership.

This is YOUR life. Remember that. Live according to YOUR OWN agenda. Things making sense to you is more important than things making sense to other people. The things happening in your path are more important than what is happening on the path of others.

5. Translation.

The closest thing anyone has to what goes on in our head is how we articulate it out of our mouth. Master the art of communication. Speak well, present yourself even better. Be straightforward, be clear. Learn how to learn to understand rather than learn to gather information. Understanding leads to an ability to simplify concepts. This gives you universal appeal.

6. Self-Discipline.

This is one of the most important traits to consider. Anyone can make a decision to do something, few will do what is required to carry it out. Make wise choices and stick to them. Make plans that you actually intend to orchestrate. Show the world that you are someone who regularly trains themselves to be better, even when its tough.

7. Self-Mastery.

Life is all about discovering yourself and refining those discoveries. Invest all you can into being the best YOU. Live life according to your clock, all things in your time. Learn and learn some more. Practice and implement your findings as widely as you can. Be a MASTERPIECE.

8. Loss.

Sooner or later in life, the things you love, you lose. Don't fear losing them, because you will. Work hard to keep them, the good memories and the quality time, and you will. You attract what you focus on. Focusing on loss only brings it about sooner.

9. Adversities.

Inevitably in life, things go wrong, and things do not always go according to plan. You'll fall and even find comfort on the ground. Don't. The harder you fall, the taller you have to stand in order to access the blessing every setback comes with.

10. Purpose.

Impact others, be valuable, create something people cannot live without. Life really is a waiting room to a guaranteed outcome every single human will have to face. It is better, more fulfilling, to help those in there with you. To still be present in the lives of people without your physical form is LEGENDARY.

11. Individuality.

NEVER be afraid to be yourself. Being yourself is one of the best things you can be. This world will try and strip you of your individuality in order that you better fit into moulds that make 'this' or 'that' easier to understand. Sometimes you are 'neither', so create your own space. NEVER try to be convenient. The people and things that are really for you, will only encourage you to continue being you and accept you totally.

12. Responsibility.

The older you get, the more accountable you will be held for your actions. Responsibility is not synonymous to credit. Responsibility is open awareness of every action coming with a reaction and being ready to deal with it.

13. Humanism.

Try to be a good person for no other reason than just being a good person. Show kindness. Show love. It costs you nothing, but may be the most valuable thing you ever give someone. Focus more on doing what you can be to be a good person rather than what looks good to other people.

14. Excellence.

In everything you do and in everything that you are. Whilst you strive to achieve your goals, consider striving to be a person of excellence. Let it be within you so it is in everything you do effortlessly. Effortlessly Excellent.

15. Less a consideration and more a summary of all of the above: Live a life that encourages you to BE THE BEST YOU.

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