• Mariam Olatidoye

The Re-Introduction

Hello Everyone!

Wow. What a while it's been.

2018 seemed like such a blur of life events, catastrophes', wins, lessons and losses and for the most part of it, swimming in shores with no idea of where we were headed. Perhaps you had the best year of your life, and if you did, I hope this energy carries into the new year.

But regardless, we are here.

We've made it to 2019.

And I am sure you can reflect to yourself 6 months ago and see just how much progress you've made within yourself. How many things happened that you didn't expect to at all, or even this soon. But they did. Even with all the commotion, we've found a means to convert all of that energy into excitement, positive anticipation and eagerness for a year that has the potential to be the very best of our lives.

APD is no longer... but I'm back. My Personal Development work is back and I can also tell you that I am now a Harley Street trained and CPD accredited Life Coach.

In case you don't know what a life coach is, they are individuals who work alongside you to help you decide what positive changes to make in your life. Where we differ from counsellors for example, is that our focus is future facing. We focus less on traumatic events from childhood and focus more on the now. Who are you now? What are your strengths? What thinking patterns do you have that are holding you back? How can we change them using small mental exercises everyday? What can we do with the resources you currently have? As much as many of us have been through a lot of negative life events, we have also amassed a wealth of tools that can help us attain the things we want and life coaching is all about helping you use your strengths and your life lessons - to create a life you want.

Therefore, with all this new knowledge, and all this new energy... a rebrand was only right.

So help me in welcoming The Personal Development Agency to the world.

A place that people can come to to fulfil all of their personal development needs.

No need is ever too small, too large, too 'crazy' or too outlandish. If your mind can conceive it, then who is to tell you you can't achieve it?

Certainly not us.

So I hope you'll join TPDA on this journey as we try to unlock the wealth of potential inside as many human beings as possible.

Because there is a wealth of abundance, potential and ability inside of you waiting to be lured out by a higher level of self-awareness.

We're ready when you are.

Here's to being the very best we can be.



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