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Doing Something New.

Why is change necessary if the current state of things works just fine?

Why are people still unhappy when their current state of things is 'just fine'?

What is the meaning of 'just fine'? Is 'just fine' all we need? How long do we settle with 'just fine' before we want 'more' or 'better'?

Intuition is an odd thing, but also a key indicator of something else needing to happen and often, that is change.

Our issue rarely tends to be not knowing that something needs to change. Sometimes we need help clarifying exactly what needs to be changed and once that's identified, it's then a matter of overcoming the initial fear required to do it and/or finding the inner courage to say 'yes I can do it'... or maybe both things are one in the same...

Frankly, complaining that nothing in your life is changing at the same time as actively doing nothing to change it, is naturally going to lead to a double negative. No action and no result.

Thinking, is not enough. Keeping change as a facet in your mind, is not enough. It's safe up there, but it's not doing anything productive.

It needs to translate as action, which will feedback to your brain, stimulate whichever cognitive response there, which will bring about another change in action.

So how do you start? How do you go about doing something new?

Trust Yourself.

I know, that sounds super cliche. But think back to a time where you had an option to do something new or differently, and you stopped yourself because you didn't know if you could, or you questioned 'what if I fail' or you simply said 'I can't do it'?

Trusting yourself doesn't mean expecting yourself to do something perfectly first time around otherwise you've failed, it means trust yourself to be capable of trying, picking yourself up after trial and error, and most importantly, trusting yourself to be capable of learning through a process of ups and downs.

Doing something new means that you're opening yourself up to a world of the unfamiliar, which'll naturally take some getting used to, some adjusting and re-adjusting, but trusting that you'll be capable of handling whatever you face means that when faced with them, you take hold of an opportunity vs. failure mindset.

The Opportunity vs. Failure Mindset.

You're doing something new. You've never done it before. Your conscious mind is going to have to start cognitive processes from the very beginning. It's long, it's tiring. Your subconscious mind has never done this before, or even enough times to automatically know what to do. Wow. 'I have no idea what I am doing, this is going to fail miserably.'

And so goes the process of overthinking yourself out of an opportunity to try and potentially gain a whole lot. Curating an opportunity over failure mindset means that when you're headed towards failure, or have even failed, you see this not as a confirmation of your inabilities, but rather an opportunity to learn, reflect and become able. To ask yourself some key questions like 'what could I have done better' or 'what could I have done differently' and use those as probes to move forward. To Try Again...

Start with the resources you have.

I couldn't tell you how many times people say they don't have the resources to do something new without looking at the resources immediately available to them.

If you want to do something new, you're also going to be required to think differently. You're going to be required to ask questions, think outside of the box and maybe even contact people you usually wouldn't for things or advice you may not be entirely sure they have.

Ask. Ask with intent. Let your intentions be known, confidently. Nobody is going to believe in something you clearly don't believe in. Even if they can't help you, if they come across someone who can, it's likely they may assist you because they've seen the value and importance of what you've asked for based on how you've asked for it and the clear efforts you've put in to try and attain it.

Great things simply aren't built overnight. It's a lot of small bricks (resources) being pulled together and inter-depending on another to form something bigger than each resource respectively.

Stop trying to live life perfectly.

Perfect is an ideal based on what you know, or think, that you know. Striving for perfection or being right immediately is such a far stretch. If that was the case, there would be no such thing as growth. We would just leaps from one extreme (wrong) to another (right) where you're still likely to fall short each time. You go through many more processes of getting things less wrong than you do getting them absolutely right. Learn to be open to these.

Which brings me back to subject of Doing Something New. Start by trying. Start by getting it wrong, then less wrong and utilising an opportunity mindset to allow yourself get healthily closer to getting it right. Start by pulling on the resources around you. Trust yourself in all things that you'll be okay even when things don't go right, finding comfort in your learning as an opportunity to get things less wrong next time.

Doing Something New requires starting. When you take one foot forward, your other naturally wants to do the same, then you're walking.



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