• Mariam Olatidoye

The Flex.

Flexibility is such a key word. Something with the ability to bend and adapt to its surroundings or a required position without losing its original shape/qualities or bending.

Life is hardest when we remain adamant on ignoring that time moves and our role in moving with it. For some time, it seems almost unfair that the world hasn’t stopped when we have. All of a sudden we’re expected to move against our will and it aches that nobody wants to stop and dwell with you.

How many plans have you made that you can’t see your life without? How much of your future banks on an image of it that you have never actually seen before?

I’m not one to say don’t hope. But I will say never hope more than you believe in yourself. Never put hope on the pedestal that you being resilient, able and capable should be on.

In the urban music industry, we lost a legend recently. A 28 year old artist on his way to a show who died in a car crash. A man who woke up and formulated his day based on his plans, didn’t see them going wrong or even foreseeing that he’ll never be able to make plans again after that day...

Planning is a luxury, it’s an expectation and entitlement that you WILL have time to do the things you want to. Treat it like a blessing.

Celebrate your wins. Tell the people you love how much you love them. Hold the ones you love close and be careful of adding more pain to those who are already battling demons.

Put less faith in hope and more importance on your ability to be good regardless. Because life will 'life', plans will fail, hope won't always be available, but you growing, learning, expanding and strengthening as a result of all of the above will always be a very real possibility.

Take a second to think of the many situations that have happened up until this day that you never thought you’d get over or make it out of. But here you are, a living entity having gone through them, stronger as a result of the pressure... life having to apply more force to get to you as a result of your new found strength and durability.

'The Flex' is knowing that I am blessed to be able to plan and utilise the resources around me to move closer to actualising them. 'The Flex' lies in knowing that some situations won't happen as you want them to, but seeing this as an opportunity laced in benefits rather than unfairness. 'The Flex' is seeing challenge as an opportunity for you to show life that under adverse circumstance, you can always extract the keys needed to unlock a better version of yourself.

The 'Flex' is Self-Belief. That I can do whatever I want to, that I can handle any given situation, that whatever pressure lands on top of me will only force me to activate the changes necessary to produce diamonds.

And then wear them.

Be The Best You, Everyday. It's your right.

Signed, Mo.

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