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'Chasing The Bag'???

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

'They've got AirPods. They've got a Gucci belt and and a Gucci bag and they shop in Selfridges like it's Tesco... yeah... they're chasing the bag and living their very best life. That's where I need to be, that's what I need to be on...' - You don't think like that? Great. Tell me, what is your first thought when you see someone with all of the above?

First of all, your rarely accurate perception of someone else's life from the few snapshots of a 'reality' that they want you to see (sometimes as a means of escaping their own misery by painting that it isn't miserable to others) is going to do nothing but bring you misery. You're feeding into and prioritising the things you see to the extent that they're leading you down a path you're not supposed to be on... and you wonder why you feel so lost, sometimes even after attaining exactly what you thought you 'wanted'...

Secondly, when did you become so comfortable with reducing your value to things that depreciate momentarily as something better is produced shortly after it?

Frankly, if you're looking for a post which is going to motivate you to 'chase the bag', please look elsewhere.

I feel this statement adds pressure on an already pressured group of individuals. The value shifts from a person with talent and potential to someone who has to make money, however that needs to be made.

Now, I'm not saying that having money or having it as a DRIVER is a bad thing, I'm saying that your mentality around money HAS to be smart. Money, and the wrong mentality around it, can have you in a long-term chokehold that you're unaware you're slowly dying in.

My biggest problem with 'Chasing the bag' is the chasing. That you voluntarily reduce YOUR VALUE and emphasise the importance of 'the bag' as something much greater than you. Your value is so special, so unique, so incredible that to see it reduced to nothing in comparison to 'chasing the bag' means you've allowed anything to rule you, so far as it meets your desired outcome of being 'rich'/making money.

To me, the concept of being rich is an oversimplified mess. Apparently, rich denotes that you 'have money'. But those that are rich in money are first of all rich in very niche characteristics.

For example, they are resilient, they have ideas and relentlessly seek the knowledge and means to make them happen. There are many more but that isn't the crux of this post. What I am saying is, rich people rarely ever seek to be rich before they're rich. They seek to be valuable... problem solving being a gateway to this. Without intention, they seek Wealth. They have solved a problem, or problems, so well that even after the monetary returns of solving it, they're getting monetary returns because they solved it.

**Caveat - this won't go for all rich people. Some rich people only have 'being rich' on their mind and their addiction to it is what makes them money. Healthy or even, sustainable? I'm not too sure. But for them, it works**

I've noted a common denominator in those who are wealthy:

They are valuable people with valuable ideas, concepts, skills, deliverables and knowledge that money grants x amount of access to. The price paid for x amount of access, or access at all, to said ideas, concepts, skills, deliverables or knowledge? They decide.

Once decided, they manipulate this money to make more money for them.

You see the difference here? Value, has now made money a currency that people pay in exchange for YOU. Then you play with it so it works FOR you. Rather than money being something YOU chase AFTER, IT, CHASES you.

The focus on 'Chasing the Bag' should be replaced with 'How do I make money work for me? How do I attain, maintain and sustain value?' Operationally speaking, how can the investments we make in ourselves, make money for us without our attention?

You can have your AirPods and wear the entire Gucci store, but if your money isn't sustainable, if the Gucci store is the only high end store/output you will ever be able afford because you capped yourself at output and material gain and didn't invest enough into input, into value, its being chased to what avail?

Wealth, is the output of consistent investment in Value - your value most especially.

As cliche as it may sound, it all starts with you.


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